We are pleased to announce that we are currently preparing the 3rd International Conference on Metals and Hydrogen "SteelyHydrogen2018".​

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Former editions mainly focused on hydrogen and steel. Based on feedback, the scope of this 3rd conference has been expanded to metals, including aluminium, titanium and nickel based alloys, as reflected in the conference programme.  

Back in 2010, during the preparation of the very first SteelyHydrogen Conference, we opted for the adjective “steely” meaning “very strong and determined”. That is why we will keep using the name SteelyHydrogen for the expanded scope of SteelyHydrogen2018.

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This conference focuses on hydrogen embrittlement of metals with a targeted balance between fundamental and industrial aspects.
The topics of this conference are:

  • Hydrogen embrittlement aspects of metals in various industries  (high strength steels, enamelling steels, sour service grades, aluminium based alloys, titanium based alloys, nickel based alloys, etc.)
  • Prevention of hydrogen embrittlement (microstructural design, coatings, etc.)
  • Advanced methodologies to study hydrogen-metal interactions (TDA, APT, TOF-SIMS, etc.)
  • Hydrogen diffusion, trapping and embrittlement modelling (from ab-initio to meso-scale)

The members of the scientific jury will chair the sessions and judge the award competition for the “Best SteelyHydrogen2018 Paper” and “Best SteelyHydrogen2018 Poster”. 

Discover the programme: day 1, day 2 and day 3.

Visit our website to stay tuned, as we will regularly post updates or register below.

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Zinedine Zermout, senior research engineer metallurgy at OCAS




   Lode Duprez, department manager metallurgy at OCAS





Laura Moli Sanchez, research engineer metallurgy at OCAS




       Krista Van den Bergh, senior research engineer surfaces at OCAS




Roger Hubert, chief scientific officer at OCAS



Katrien Meseure, communication manager at OCAS




Els Parein, event organiser at Evident






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